What would the Amazon and the Pantanal be without the jaguar? WCS-Brazil never wants to see the day.

With our partners, WCS-Brazil aims to maintain and, where necessary, strengthen jaguar populations in the Brazilian Amazon and the Pantanal/Cerrado, so that they are always part of our culture and imagination and continue to inspire us to conserve big wild places that are well connected to each other.  By2020, with our partners, WCS-Brazil hopes to:

  • Define what “healthy densities” of jaguar population are in the majors ecosystems ofthe Brazilian Amazon.
  • Determine if jaguars are “omni-present” in Amazonas state, and if not, determine the kind of places where jaguars are not likely to be present.
  • Launch at least 2 projects aimed at understanding and improving the interactions among jaguars and local human communities in Amazonas State, based on lessons learned in the Pantanal/Cerrado and other places in the Brazil.

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