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Brazil is launching a new program to conserve the Waters and Wetlands (flooded forests, lakes, and floating meadows) that are the most important habitat for the iconic wild life of the western Amazon lowlands, including migratory fishes, jaguar, caiman,manatee, and turtles.  We are in the initial stages of constructing the program and defining concrete activities.  We will pursue several long-term strategic actions, including:

  1. Construct a fisheries management system at scales appropriate to conserve migratory fish.  In November, 2013,WCS hosted a workshop of experts to review the current state of fisheries management and research in the Amazon, and identify critical actions and next steps.  The proceedings should be available in early 2014 and will guide WCS Brazil activities in the upcoming years.
  2. Understand the impacts of climate change and infrastructure development on the hydrology of the Amazon Basin, and use this knowledge to improve public policies and fisheries management.   
  3. Manage and monitor aquatic wildlife and their habitats.  WCS Brazil working with partners to improve management of migratory fish, jaguar, caiman, manatee, and turtles in their habitats. To understand if our efforts are having the desired impacts, WCS Brazil establishes baselines and monitors the changing status of these groups in the landscapes where we work. In August 2013, WCS Brazil launched a program to monitor Amazon River Turtles in priority conservation areas in the Purus, Solimões, and Negro Rivers.

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